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Theater Techniques to develop skills in students

6 Days (30 hours)

Letícia Moro

This course proposes theatre practice as a means to develop skills in students and stimulate their learning process. Teachers interested in participating will learn a variety of practical activities that focus on theater as a way to enhance students’ abilities and knowledge.

Adopting practices, such as improvisation, body-movement techniques and group work, the course will promote various experiences through which students may hone better posture, motor coordination, vocal range and diction, problem-solving and learning by trial and error. Teachers will learn how to apply these practices as a means to expand the students’ self-knowledge and enable critical thinking and aesthetic appreciation.


As a participant, you will learn how to use theater, its principles and strengths in educational contexts and foster a creative and engaging learning process for your students!

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22-27 April 2024

Learning outcomes

Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Learn the key features and strengths of drama making and how to apply them in educational contexts.

  • Learn practices and games that enhance attention, perception and memory: the understanding of the world around.

  • Learn practices and games suitable for various curriculums.

  • Promote the work of expressiveness and imagination as a means of improving communication and the ability to express opinions.

  • Participate in improvisation.

  • Participate and engage in dramatic experiences.


Theater Techniques to develop skills in students


5 Hours

  • Introduction to the course, the schools, and the external activities.

  • Ice Breaking activities to introduce the trainer and the participants.

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