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Pedagogical innovation for the 21st century


This course has been created for teachers who are interested in integrating new types of learning into everyday school life. More specifically, new ways of transferring knowledge through games and gamification will be discussed.

It is a combination of methods, strategies and game design for activities that are not necessarily games. The aim is to bring play into the real world and influence other aspects of everyday life such as productivity, concentration, and student engagement. New methodologies for applying knowledge and ways of communicating with pupils will also be discussed, as well as new skills essential for the 21st century.


The main question that arises is how it is possible for a student to learn a subject using methods and ways that are considered alternative, but with a high success rate. A question that will be clarified in the teaching process. In particular, the answers will be explored through this course in the picturesque and beautiful city of Guimarães, the birthplace of Portugal.

The aim of this training is to provide teachers with new strategies and methods of knowledge transfer in and out of the classroom, that the students will be able to apply in their lives. Practical exercises and games for expressing emotions and the importance of learning outside the strict theoretical framework will be presented. All this with respect for cultural differences and the changes 21st century has brought on the surface of human existence.

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8-13 July 2023

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the logic and the philosophy of different types of games

  • Coming across with the topic and the methods behind game designing

  • Creating a game from scratch as a means of education

  • Associating the 21st century mindset with the game and the development of social and cultural values in the classroom

  • Using games as a new way to transmit knowledge and adjust a current curriculum.

  • Applying new methodologies to the existent curriculum

  • Combinating the traditional way of teaching with the 21st century skills


Pedagogical innovation for the 21st century

  • Introduction to the course and activities

  • Presentation of each school and the teachers/ students

  • Bonding and knowledge games

  • Goal setting for the week

  • Presentation of the 21st century skills

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