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21st Century Skills and Art in school life Approach through Dance, Music and Theatre-min.j

21st Century Skills and Art in school life: Approach through Dance, Music and Theatre

6 Days (30 hours)

Iliana Lazari

This course has been created for teachers who want to embrace innovative teaching methods while taking into consideration 21st Century skills and the art of dance, music and theater.

Many students through the years have been complaining that the way the teachers are approaching their courses is focused on learning the teaching material by heart without developing critical thinking. It is also well-known that not every student learns the same way as others and some children and adolescents are more into art than learning in the traditional way.

Thus, one of the main goals of this course is to help teachers adopt new creative ways of teaching through art and be more flexible during the learning process. There will be both theory and practice during this course so that teachers will be more qualified and confident to use new practices in their courses that will fit into the needs of each student in order to have the best academic and learning results. Course participants will be invited to journal their experiences during the course, share knowledge and work into groups with cooperation, fun and respect.

Participants will leave the course full of knowledge and new practices considering the arts of dance, music and theater so that their courses will be more flexible, interesting and attractive to students.

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20-25 November 2023

Learning outcomes

Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Taking a holistic look of the art of dancing, music and theater through centuries

  • Understanding the different kinds of learners and how some students learn easier through art

  • Apprehending how the teaching process can embrace art in order to have the best academic results

  • Learning how to be more flexible and use teaching practices that fit into the needs of each student

  • Embracing the role of art to the emotional intelligence development 

  • Intercultural sharing and enhancing cultural differences in the learning process


21st Century Skills and Art in school life: Approach through Dance, Music and Theatre

  • Introduction of the course and the participants

  • Ice-break group dynamics

  • Setting goals for participants

  • Presentations of the participants’ schools

  • Discussion about each participant’s way of teaching

  • Sharing experiences about the participants’ relationship with the art

  • Brainstorming about how participants think that art can fit into their courses

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