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Mindfulness and Positive Education at School

6 Days (30 hours)

Iliana Lazari

This course has been created for teachers who want to have a deeper understanding of what mindfulness and positive education is and how they can use them during the teaching process.


Mindfulness is not only a technique, but also a life style practice. It has to do with the alignment of the mind and the attention to the present moment. It is also highly connected with positive education that promotes well-being and happiness besides the ordinary educational tasks. One of the main goals of this course is for teachers to learn new ideas and techniques to use during their lessons that will embrace the power of a positive mind and emotions to have the best academic results. There will be both theory and practice during this course so that teachers will be more qualified and confident to use new practices in their classes. Course participants will be invited to journal their experiences during the course, share knowledge and work into groups with cooperation, fun and respect.


Participants will leave the course full of knowledge on how to make the learning process easier and more interesting based on the factors of mindfulness and positive education as they will have learned how to design programs that combine both academics and development of the character, mind and emotional statement.

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11-16 March 2024

Learning outcomes

Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Deeply understanding what mindfulness and positive education is and how they affect school life in a beneficial way

  • Adopting new techniques that promote emotional control and positive state of mind to help students overcome everyday stress and difficulties

  • Learning how to have more control of thoughts and attention to produce the best academic results

  • Exchanging multicultural experiences of good practice

  • Experiencing how a yoga lesson can benefit both teachers and students

  • Being more self-confident and focused on achieving personal and academic goals

  • Design programs based on Positive Education to promote both academics and empowerment of mind and soul

  • Adopting a more holistic perspective of the classroom


Mindfulness and Positive Education at School

  • Introduction of the course and the participants

  • Ice-break group dynamics

  • Setting goals for participants

  • Presentations of the participants’ schools

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