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Azores Sustainability, environmental education and outdoor education

Neuza Salvador

This course has been created for teachers who want to have a deeper understanding of sustainability and environment education with innovative indoor and outdoor learning practices. 


The participants will start the course with many questions, but the one that all want to know it's: Humans can still help the planet in time? What can I do more to help?


For this answer we chose the most adventurous week in São Miguel Island on the archipelago of the Azores. This archipelago it's formed by 9 islands and has recently received Silver status of international certification as a first archipelago sustainable destination in the world. So it's the best place to learn with them what we can do, to be more sustainable people in the world today. For that we are going to think about our behavior and the way that we communicate with other people, every day, doing some experiences alone, in groups with cooperation, sharing knowledge, fun and respect.


So in this course one of the main goals is create strategies that will help the participants to teach other teachers, the community and children in the school, the best way to preserve the future human life, the ecosystem and the most important thing preserve our planet, for all of us to live.


Participants will leave the course full of knowledge on how to make the learning process easier and more interesting based on the factors of mindfulness and positive education on sustainability and environment. But the best thing is understanding that we can do it, all together. We are almost 8 billion, so 8 billion actions can be done. LET’S SART.

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Price: 580€ 


(480€ for the training + 100€ for all cultural visits, boat tours, dolphin watching, cultural entrances, daily transportation)


18-23 March 2024

Learning outcomes
Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Deep understanding of sustainable education in the environment

  • Learning how to teach students, community and also family, to improve the idea of sustainability

  • Including dynamics teaching forms

  • Creating innovative outdoor teaching activities that promote green action

  • Understanding the causes of not sustainability vs. sustainable

  • Inventing new techniques of sustainability environment education

  • Introducing new strategies in the school areas

  • Intercultural competences and enhanced cultural awareness


Azores Sustainability, environmental education and outdoor education

  • Introduction of the course and the participants

  • Ice break group energy

  • Setting goals for participants

  • Presentations of the participant's schools 

  • Discussion and sharing experiences about group dynamics, deconstruct sustainability 

  • Approaches to outdoor education: fear-based/risk discourse vs positive approach

  • Reflection - Humans can still help the planet in time?

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