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Emotional Intelligence - School Leadership – Outdoor Teaching To Reduce Bullying

6 Days

Iliana lazari

The course has been created for teachers who want to have a deeper understanding about the factors of emotional intelligence, school leadership and how outdoor teaching can help to reduce bullying.

Unfortunately, bullying is a phenomenon that has a serious effect on the everyday life of many students and creates problems both physically and mentally. One reason is that teachers are so busy teaching their subjects that they don’t have enough time to emphasize the importance of this situation that is inseparable connected with the emotional intelligence of the students. Emotional intelligence has to do with the functional understanding, managing and expressing emotions. So, one of the main goals of this course is to help teachers promote this virtue to their students in the school area and also how school leadership plays such an important role to the elimination of this situation combined with the importance of group dynamics into school networks. There will be both theory and practice during this course so that teachers will be more qualified and confident to use new practices in their courses. Course participants will be invited to journal their experiences during the course, share knowledge and work into groups with cooperation, fun and respect.

Participants will leave the course full of knowledge about the importance of the promotion of emotional intelligence in school. They will enjoy a greater awareness of their student’s emotional needs and they will gain innovative psycho-pedagogical practices to include in their teaching that fit their students in order not only to have the best learning results but also to create a more positive climate at school.

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Price: 480 €

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6-11 November 2023

Learning outcomes

  • Deeply understanding what emotional intelligence is and how it affects the everyday school life

  • Learning how to teach students to understand, manage and express their emotions in the most beneficial way

  • Including psycho-pedagogical practices during lessons

  • Creating innovative outdoor teaching activities that promote emotional therapy

  • Understanding the causes of all types of conflict in the school area

  • Inventing effective communication tools for better school relations

  • Preventing and managing bullying in the school area

  • Promoting the sense of belonging throughout students


Emotional Intelligence - School Leadership – Outdoor Teaching To Reduce Bullying

  • Introduction of the course and the participants

  • Ice-break group dynamics

  • Setting goals for participants

  • Presentations of the participants’ schools

  • Discussion and sharing experiences about group dynamics, aspects of conflict and bullying presented by role playing

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