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Guimarães: Sustainability, environmental education and outdoor education

6 Days


This course has been created for teachers who want to have a deeper understanding of sustainability and environmental education, as well as new practices of indoor and outdoor education.


Some common misconceptions about sustainability are based on the recurring question “Is there still time?”, that puts in perspective the power of the human being and his small everyday actions with a huge impact.


The course of sustainability, environmental education, and outdoor education in Guimarães in Portugal has the answer.


In this course, the main goal is for teachers to learn the basic information about sustainability, its characteristics and the ecosystem. Furthermore, they will learn techniques and create strategies on how to help other teachers and students the principles of ecology, effective ways to preserve the ecosystem and the planet as well as the human life, through small everyday actions.


Factors such as the social media impact and the schools corpus’ construction will also be analyzed and studied for their role in the sustainability mindset. Games, quizzes, and active outdoor activities will enhance the learning process and fill the teachers with ideas rich in how to make the learning process more practical and less theoretical, using education to raise awareness on sustainability and environment.

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Price: 480 €


3-8 June 2024

Learning outcomes

  • Deep understanding of sustainable education in the environment and everyday life

  • How to teach students to improve the idea of sustainability with small lifestyle changes

  • How to use innovative indoor and outdoor cooperation activities

  • Creating a solution oriented way of thinking

  • Understanding the differences between a sustainable and non-sustainable way of living 

  • Introducing new strategies in the school life inside and outside classes

  • Intercultural sharing and enhancing cultural differences in the learning process


Sustainability, environmental education and outdoor education

  • Introduction to the course and activities

  • Presentation of each school and the teachers/ students

  • Bonding and knowledge games

  • Goal setting for the week

  • Presentation of the concept of sustainability and the sustainability types

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