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Inclusion and Values Through Theatre

6 Days (30 hours)

Letícia Moro

This course has been created to promote theatre as a pedagogical tool and its applicability to promote inclusion. The teachers interested in participating will learn a variety of practical activities that focus on theatre as a way to promote empathy and mutual understanding within the classroom.

In a world where migration increases day by day, values such as empathy, inclusion and intercultural understanding are essential for an integral educational curriculum. To that extent, teachers are often requested to prepare young learners on becoming responsible citizens. With this course, teachers will learn through some theatre practices how to promote a better understanding of the other and the world around, on the theme of inclusion and democratic values. This hands-on approach on drama making will enable the participants to exploit dramatic experiences and make meaning from the real world and its problems.

As a participant, you will learn how to use theatre, its principles and strengths in educational contexts and promote a feeling of belonging and of group work in your students!

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Price: 480 €


2-7 October 2023

Learning outcomes

Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Learn the key features and strengths of drama making and how to apply them in educational contexts.

  • Learning practices and games that enhance attention, perception and memory: the understanding of the world around.

  • Learning practices and games suitable for various curriculums.

  • Learning how to dynamize heterogeneous groups.

  • Participate in improvisation.

  • Develop practices to encourage cooperation and inclusion in the classroom;

  • Develop psychotherapeutic practices, of self-knowledge and understanding towards the other;


Inclusion and Values Through Theatre


5 Hours

  • Introduction to the course, the schools, and the external activities.

  • Ice Breaking activities to introduce the trainer and the participants.

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