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Pavilhão de Espanha

Basic Spanish and Culture

6 Days


This course is designed for teachers aiming to enhance their Spanish language skills and gain a deeper understanding of Spanish culture. The programme is highly personalised to meet the individual needs and professional profiles of participants, ensuring high productivity and practical applicability. Our practical and participative approach uses real-life examples, case studies, exams, and simulations, fostering collaborative learning in an international environment.

 We customise the working methods to the needs, attitudes and professional profiles of the participants to ensure high productivity, efficiency and transferability into practice.


  • Experiential Learning: Active involvement of participants in practical activities.

  • Group and Peer Activities: Promoting cooperation and mutual learning.

  • Learning by Doing: Applying knowledge in real-life contexts.

  • Exchange of Best Practices: Sharing strategies and experiences among participants.

  • Cultural Visits: Cultural enrichment and broadening perspectives through excursions and immersive activities.

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Price: 580€ 


(480€ for the training + 100€ for all cultural visits, boat tours, dolphin watching, cultural entrances, daily transportation)


7-12 October 2024

2-7 December 2024

10-15 February 2025

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate in Spanish: Introduce themselves, describe their work, hobbies, and daily activities.

  • Enhance grammatical skills: Apply basic Spanish grammar rules according to their proficiency level.

  • Develop listening, speaking, and writing skills: Engage in listening, speaking, and writing activities in Spanish.

  • Understand and appreciate Spanish culture: Explore history, traditions, and customs through cultural visits and immersive activities.

  • Apply intercultural teaching methods: Integrate Spanish cultural and linguistic practices into their own teaching contexts.

  • Collaborate and learn with other teachers: Share best practices and build international professional networks.


Basic Spanish and Culture

Arrival of Participants

  • Orientation and information about the venue and the city

  • Networking activities

  • Walking tour of the city centre

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