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Azores: Mastering English and Sustainability Skills for Nature Preservation

6 Days

Neuza Salvador

This immersive course, held on the beautiful São Miguel Island in the Azores, is designed for teachers who want to:

  • Learn innovative ways to teach nature and sustainability

  • Gain basic English language skills to introduce environmental education in English


Course Goals:

  • Provide teachers with beginner-friendly English instruction to enhance their ability to teach sustainability.

  • Foster effective methods to teach about preserving nature while introducing English vocabulary and communication.

  • Equip participants to instruct students, communities, and families about sustainability using basic English.

  • Integrate engaging indoor and outdoor activities that promote both environmental action and beginner English language learning.

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Price: 580€ 


(480€ for the training + 100€ for all cultural visits, boat tours, dolphin watching, cultural entrances, daily transportation)


2-7 June 2025

Learning outcomes

  • Participants will gain knowledge on various nature preservation methods and begin using basic English to discuss them.

  • They will learn how to teach sustainability concepts effectively, incorporating simple English phrases and vocabulary into their lessons.

  • They will develop skills to create dynamic and engaging lessons that promote both environmental responsibility and basic English language acquisition.

  • The course will equip them to design outdoor learning experiences that use English for basic communication and collaboration while promoting environmental action.


Azores: Mastering English and Sustainability Skills for Nature Preservation

Introductions, goal setting, exploring different approaches to outdoor education, and reflecting on the relationship between nature and sustainability. Sessions will include basic English greetings, introductions, and vocabulary related to the environment.

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