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Communication, Digital Literacy & STEM/STEAM

6 Days

João Garrido

STEAM education is a teaching model focused on five fundamental subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It started out as just STEM, an acronym that did not yet include the A for Arts, but in a few years, the teachers understood that this discipline should be part of the model, due to the importance of including and crossing creativity and innovation with scientific studies and activities, thus strengthening these areas of study. These five subjects provide students with essential skills for the future of work. Critical and analytical thinking, decision making, problem solving, among other soft skills, are precious tools that STEAM Education promotes through practical exercises that can be an asset in the students' future. These exercises or activities must cross at least two of these disciplines and promote collaboration between students.


In this course you will learn how communication and digital literacy, can be developed implementing STEM/STEAM projects. You will learn how to design a STEM/STEAM project, plan its educational activities, assessment and respective monitorization. It will cover subjects like STEM/STEAM Methodologies, Instructional Design of Constructivist Learning Environments, Project Management and Assessement.


The course will be very practical, combining theory with practice, group work and discussion with hands-on phases in which the participants will have the opportunity to design their own STEM/STEAM project.

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14-19 October 2025

Learning outcomes

Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Contextualize the Pedagogical Design of Learning within the scope of developing Digital Literacy, Social Learning Theories and creating Constructivist Learning Environments.

  • Apply “Instructional Design” Methodologies in the Design of Learning STEM/STEAM Projects.

  • Know the specifics of Project Management and plan STEM/STEAM Projects according to them.

  • Understand the concepts behind the STEM/STEAM Methodology.

  • Know Project Management procedures for Monitoring and Follow-up within the scope of STEM/STEAM Projects.

  • Understand the evaluation processes in STEM/STEAM Projects.

  • Create, collaboratively, a STEM/STEAM Project and respective Monitoring and Evaluation Instruments.


Communication, Digital Literacy & STEM/STEAM

Introduction – 5 hours

  • Introduction of the course and the external activities.

  • Icebreaking activity to introduce the trainer and the participants;

  • Introduction to STEM/STEAM Education and Methodologies.

Note: The course programme may undergo minor changes based on logistical considerations and resource availability.

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