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Artificial Intelligence Tools for Empowered Teachers

6 Days (30 hours)

João Garrido

This intensive course is designed to empower teachers with the knowledge and skills to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their classrooms. Participants will explore a variety of AI tools and learn how to use them to enhance lesson planning, student assessment, classroom management, and professional development. By the end of the course, teachers will be equipped to create a more personalized and efficient learning environment using AI technologies.

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Price: 480 €


7-12 July 2025

Learning outcomes

Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of AI and its applications in education.

  • Utilize AI tools for lesson planning, content creation, and student assessment.

  • Implement AI-driven classroom management strategies.

  • Foster collaboration and communication using AI tools.

  • Stay updated with the latest AI trends and innovations in education.


Artificial Intelligence Tools for Empowered Teachers

Introduction to AI in Education

5 Hours

  • Introduction of the course and the external activities.

  • Icebreaking activity to introduce the trainer and the participants.

  • Overview of AI: Definitions and core concepts.

  • The relevance of AI in modern education.

  • Real-world examples of AI in the classroom.

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