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Azores outdoor: Active Citizenship, Environmental Sustainability, Leadership, and Positive Schooling

6 Days

Neuza Salvador

This course has been created for teachers who want to teach others about life on the planet and who we can still preserve, including environmental, sustainability and positive school activities. This week we will be in indoor and outdoor learning practices.


The participants will start the journey in one of the most beautiful places in the world - São Miguel Island on the archipelago of the Azores. This archipelago it's formed by 9 volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and offers an immersive experience that equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a positive force for change.


Teaching how to preserve life on the planet it's very important in the present, because we  need all the forms of life together for us to live. We will move beyond simply being a resident and transforming into an involved member of your community. Another important point is the positive school will focus on fostering a growth mindset, collaboration, and well-being, creating an ideal environment for exploration and personal development.


Participants will leave the course full of knowledge on how to make the learning process easier and more interesting based on the factors of mindfulness and positive education skills about preserving nature and life, in different places and times. Also we will learn about leadership skills in a dynamic and action-oriented setting.

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Price: 580€ 


(480€ for the training + 100€ for all cultural visits, boat tours, dolphin watching, cultural entrances, daily transportation)


14-19 October 2024

Learning outcomes
  • Learning how to teach students, community and also family, to improve the idea of sustainability

  • Including dynamics teaching forms

  • Creating innovative outdoor teaching activities that promote green action

  • Developing critical thinking skills to analyze information, identify problems, and brainstorm solutions

  • Building confidence in your leadership abilities through project-based learning and group activities

  •  Learning techniques for managing stress, building resilience, and staying present in the moment to optimize learning

  • Identifying and leveraging your individual strengths to contribute meaningfully to projects and group discussions


Azores outdoor: Active Citizenship, Environmental Sustainability, Leadership, and Positive Schooling

Active Citizenship - Presentation Group Dynamics and Icebreakers

  • Introduction of the course and the participants

  • Ice break group energy

  • Setting goals for participants

  • Presentations of the participant's schools

  • Explain the different ways to participate in active citizenship (volunteering, advocacy, community projects,...)

  • Create a list of environmental or social issues faced by the Azores to promote a collective action

  • Reflection - How can we encourage problem-solving and critical thinking skills?

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