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Early Bird Registration

How does the early bird registration work?

If you register at least 2 months before the course starts and pay within 8 days of our booking confirmation, you can get the early bird price.

How can I apply for the early bird price?

You can apply on our website using the enrollment form.


Course Availability and Registration

How do I apply for a course?

You can apply on our website using the enrollment form.

What happens after I submit my registration?

We will verify the course availability and get back to you with the course confirmation and information about payment.



How do I pay for my course?

You can pay by bank transfer within 8 days of your booking confirmation.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

If your course starts in more than 2 months, you are asked to make a 50% deposit of the total amount as a down payment within 8 days from the booking confirmation and the balance payment one month before the course starts.

Course Details

When can I start my program?

Our courses commence every Monday, and you can find all the pertinent information on our course schedule webpage.


Can I modify or extend my course?

If you wish to change to another course with the same dates and location, you can do so. Please inform us via email or WhatsApp before making any changes.


Can I defer my course?

Yes, you can delay your course.


What happens if the minimum enrollment for a class is not reached?

If the minimum enrollment is not met, we will assist you in finding an appropriate solution.


Do I need to bring my personal electronic devices (laptop, tablet, etc.)?

You may bring your devices if you like, but they might not be required for certain courses. If you are worried about space in your luggage and want to leave your device at home, seek advice from your instructor.


Will I receive a certificate upon completing my course?

Yes, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance upon finishing their course.

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