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European Union, Porto and cultural heritage

6 Days (30 hours)

Joana Teixeira

Required equipment: Comfortable clothes, shoes and a personal computer

This course addresses how Portugal's entry into the European Union has changed the country and how the European Union influences the day-to-day life of populations and the management that governments make of the territory. We will look at European institutions and the process of valuing cities through European Capitals.


We will look at cultural heritage, with emphasis on the city of Porto and its region. We will learn in a practical manner about places that have been European Capitals of Culture, Youth and Sport and understand how these processes take place and how they bring dynamism to localities. We will also understand the place of Portuguese culture in the European context and what similarities there are between cultures across the European continent.

With this course we intend to explore the concept of culture through contact with elements of Portuguese culture, in order to create a method of critical observation that leads us to distinguish, as citizens, the elements of our native cultures and how to become ambassadors of the same. By contacting with locals one can get in touch with different ways of seeing the world and better understand what unites us as Europeans and what makes us unique among ourselves.

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22-27 April 2024

Learning outcomes


  • To learn more about Portuguese culture in an European context via the contact with the different heritage elements of Porto

  • Understanding the Portuguese context before and after joining the European Union

  • To understand the process that determines how a certain element becomes heritage, whether natural or not and how to promote it via education

  • To be able to look at elements of their native culture and understand what makes it unique from others, and be able to use those aspects in the classroom context to capture students' attention

  • To learn how the contact with locals in a certain region can lead to exposing students to multiple world views and enhance critical thinking


European Union, Porto and cultural heritage

  • Presentation dynamics;

  • Introduction of teachers and schools;

  • Introduction of the course;

  • Games about European Union

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