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Have fun learning English

6 Days

Fatima Dias

Learning should be fun, so this course aims to help teachers to strengthen their communicative skills in English using a very dynamic and enjoyable approach.

Participants will have the opportunity to improve their language proficiency through role play, flashcards, music, art, poetry and stories.

By way of promoting confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing the English language in a natural and authentic course of action, this course will encourage pair/group work and field activities/projects.

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Price: 480 €


1-6 April 2024

Learning outcomes
  • To help improve your conversational skills, vocabulary and grammar in English

  • To make you feel more at ease when faced with the English Language

  • To broaden your horizons meeting new people with different point of views

  • To enjoy local culture and their daily lives

  • To foster new living and learning experiences 


Have fun learning English

Monday - Introduction and Goals

• Introduction to the course and all external activities

• Getting to know each other

• Informal chat about their needs and outcomes for the course

Note: The course programme may undergo minor changes based on logistical considerations and resource availability.

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