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Pedagogical Innovation & Active Learning in Leipzig

6 Days

Jaqueline Conde

Welcome to the vibrant city of Leipzig, Germany, where each morning is an opportunity to dive deep into the world of pedagogical innovation and active teaching methodologies. This dynamic Erasmus+ course is designed to inspire educators, allowing them to immerse themselves in innovative approaches that captivate students and enrich learning experiences.

Throughout this engaging week, participants will explore the essence of 21st-century competencies, dive into innovative pedagogical practices, experiment with active teaching methodologies, and embark on insightful visits to Leipzig's educational hubs. This course is perfect for educators seeking practical insights and strategies to elevate their teaching.

This course offers the perfect blend of morning learning and interactive exploration, leaving afternoons free for participants to relax, reflect, and fully immerse themselves in Leipzig's rich culture and history.


Join us for a transformative educational journey, where every morning holds the promise of inspiration and innovation.

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Price: 480 €


25 Feberary - 1 March 2024

31 March - 05 April 2024

02-07 May 2024

Learning outcomes
  • Develop a profound understanding of 21st-century competencies.

  • Gain practical knowledge of innovative pedagogical practices.

  • Master the art of implementing active teaching methodologies.

  • Experience hands-on learning during a visit to a local makerspace.

  • Benefit from insights shared by Leipzig University's educational research department.

  • Discover Leipzig's STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) resources.

  • Forge connections with educators from across Europe in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.


Pedagogical Innovation & Active Learning in Leipzig

Orientation and 21st Century Competencies

  • Course introduction and participant orientation.

  • Understanding the significance of 21st-century competencies in education.

Note: The course programme may undergo minor changes based on logistical considerations and resource availability.

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