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CLIL & PBL & Outdoor Education course

6 Days


This training course aims to clarify the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and PBL (Project-Based Learning) methods and their use in learning non-verbal skills using foreign languages. These methods facilitate the acquisition of skills that may not require verbal communication but employ languages other than the mother tongue.


The central question addressed is how a student can learn a subject, other than a language, using a foreign language. This will be clarified through the teaching process, explored particularly in the historic city of Athens, Greece.


The objective of this training is to equip teachers with new strategies and methods for knowledge transfer in the classroom. Practical exercises and games to express emotions and the importance of learning beyond a strict theoretical framework will be presented, all while respecting cultural differences.

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Price: 480 €


2-7 June 2025

Learning outcomes

  • Deep understanding of the new approaches of CLIL and PBL

  • Training in groups and the advantages of using the PBL method during teaching

  • Introducing a new foreign language to students and using it as a means of acquiring new skills

  • Creating innovative outdoor teaching activities

  • Understanding the importance of differentiating between theoretical and practical teaching

  • Introducing new strategies in school areas

  • Introduction to group dynamics and learning through games and challenges

  • Intercultural sharing and enhancing cultural differences in the learning process


CLIL & PBL & Outdoor Education course

  • Introduction to the course and activities

  • Presentation of each school and the teachers/students

  • Bonding and knowledge games

  • Goal setting for the week

  • Presentation of the concept of CLIL & PBL and their impact

  • The 4 C’s of the CLIL method

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