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Talking with no Words! The role of theatre in the learning process of students with special needs

6 Days

Sandra Salomé

It is known that students with special needs deal with some difficulties that might result in the lack of social-emotional skills. Some conditions, disorders, and behavioral problems, affect the portion of the brain that helps children learn and understand social cues. It may be extremely hard for many students with special needs to learn and behave in a socially productive and calm manner. Another issue for children who physically appear different, act different, or are placed in special classrooms within even an inclusive school is often isolated from typical education peers. It is from our understanding that drama and all the theatre subjects can be a successful tool in the process of including and empowering these students. We believe that drama can be a fun activity that captures the attention of students that struggle with special needs. Theatre can help difficult transitions and explain changes that are always emotionally heavy on these students' daily routine.

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Price: 480 €


13-18 January 2025

19-24 May 2025

Learning outcomes

  • Express and educate using drama in the classroom as a teaching method;

  • Understand that theatre is direct and inclusive;

  • Simple and effective communication;

  • Applying drama in different learning styles with special needs students;

  • Different intercultural experiences and approaches;

  • The creative process of drama and applying it in different circumstances.


Talking with no Words! The role of theatre in the learning process of students with special needs

  • Welcome activity and diagnosis;

  • Get to know me through theatre!;

  • Drama tools as social inclusion tools;

  • Individuality and boundaries;

  • Drama as an analysis tool.

Note: Understanding the importance of an adaptable work to the needs and profile of the groups the program might suffer some alterations.

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