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Digital Tools to Create Educational Games

6 Days (30 hours)

João Garrido

What is gamification? Gamification is the use of techniques, strategies and game design in other contexts that are not necessarily games. It's all about bringing the game to reality and thereby impact areas such as engagement, productivity, focus, determination, among others, and make it simpler to achieve goals and objectives at any context. Through gamification, it is possible to transform work or study routines and make people feel more inclined to dedicate themselves to the tasks and challenges that each situation requires.


Why is gamification so effective? According to experts, the gaming experience goes far beyond the entertainment factor and goes through other essential points, such as the need for competition (which is inherent to every human being), instant feedback, the possibility of rapid evolution, and the search for tangible rewards. The creation of communities and the sense of urgency that work on in games is also something that encourages you to continue on that task and makes it possible for the goals to be achieved.


How to implement gamification in teaching and learning? If you're thinking that implementing a gamification system in your classroom is expensive, complicated or requires a lot of resources, you're strongly mistaken. With some simple measures, you can apply certain notions of gamification to your content and encourage students to have greater engagement, motivation and to be able to evolve quickly and successfully. Some of the techniques go through:

  • Creating a scoring and evolution system;

  • Offering rewards;

  • Stimulating competition;

  • Offering fast and constant feedback.


In the context of teaching, where technology has always been present in different ways, it is even easier to make gamification functional and become a differential. Especially in cases where the Internet is used to transmit content, making different materials fit into a gamification logic is even simpler and more effective and can impact one of the most decisive issues, which is educational success.


This course will empower you to create more effective learning experiences using gamification apps. It will introduce participants to the concepts and methodology behind game design, and enable them to create their first game for educational purposes.


The course will be very practical, combining theory with practice, group work and discussion with hands-on phases in which the participants will have the opportunity to explore the provided apps.


As a participant, you will interact with some of the most important apps for creating games and understand the usefulness and applicability of gamification in different indoor and outdoor situations of communication and learning.

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Price: 480 €


4-9 December 2023

Learning outcomes

Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Understand the logics behind different types of games;

  • Understand the concepts and methodology behind game design;

  • Create a game for educational purposes using apps and digital tools;

  • Use gamification as a way to develop social and cultural values in the classroom and in the school, therefore impacting future society;

  • Integrate games on instructional design to enhance learning and apply them into the Design of a Curricular Unit.


Digital Tools to Create Educational Games


5 Hours

  • Introduction of the course and the external activities.

  • Icebreaking activity to introduce the trainer and the participants.

  • Pedagogical Design of Learning Using apps or software tools:

    • Contextualization – Learning Theories;

    • “Instructional Design” methodologies and the Design of Constructivist Learning Environments.

  • Introduction to the concept of Gamification.

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