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Mindfulness For Teachers - Cultivating Well-being in Schools

Daniela Luz

This course has been created for teachers who want to learn about what Mindfulness is, how it can benefit both their students and themselves, and how it can best be integrated into their schools.


Its main goal is to help teachers establish a firm foundation in their own mindfulness practice throughout the course, learning experiential formal and informal mindfulness practices and exercises. Course participants will be invited to journal their experiences during the course. By the end of this course, participants are expected to will have established their own Mindfulness practice, having experienced its benefits first-hand, and to make a action plan to continue that personal practice.


Participants will leave the course with a handful of mindfulness resources that they can use for themselves and also with their students. We will approach how these practices and exercises can be adapted to fit their students, and how Mindfulness can be introduced to students, parents and schools unfamiliar with Mindfulness.

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Price: 480 €


18-23 November 2024

7-12 July 2025

Learning outcomes

Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Learning new practices and exercises that empower individuals to overcome everyday stress;

  • Learning practices that to enhance self-control and self-management of attention for more successful learning;

  • Using of innovative practices for empowering teachers in working with students;

  • Developing new practices and exercises for working with students;

  • Developing sensitivity to the importance of attending to multicultural differences in the use of mindfulness as a tool for promoting well-being in schools.


Mindfulness For Teachers - Cultivating Well-Being In Schools

  • Course and participants introduction;

  •  ice-break group dynamics; 

  • setting goals for participants; 

  • What is mindfulness? 

  • The benefits of mindfulness for teachers and students; 

  • Different ways in which we can cultivate mindfulness; 

  • Mindfulness meditations and exercises

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