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European Priorities Inclusion, Academic Success, European Identity, Digital Empowerment (2

European Priorities: Inclusion, Academic Success, European Identity, Digital Empowerment

6 Days

Lina (Agathi Naka)

This course has been created for teachers who are aware of the current situation in the European Union (EU) and who would wish to integrate the EU values more into the school life and curriculum. The course will concentrate on the basic European priorities concerning Inclusion, Academic Success, European Identity and Digital Empowerment, all with respect to the student lifestyle and school curriculum.


The main question to be answered in the present training is the role of the individual and especially the pupil in the European Union, the values that surround the Union.  It is also about the priorities it has set in order to make everything work in harmony and centered on man and his smooth coexistence and survival. All this will be answered under the prism of gamification and especially in digital form. It is a combination of methods, strategies and game design for activities that are not necessarily games. The aim is to bring play into the real world and influence other aspects of everyday life such as productivity, concentration, and student engagement. New methodologies for applying knowledge and ways of communicating with pupils will also be discussed.


The island of Lefkas in Greece is the ideal location for the course. Lefkas is one of the largest islands in the Ionian Sea, rich in natural resources as it combines mountain and sea and some of the most famous beaches in the Mediterranean. It is also the only land island in Greece due to the bridge that connects it with mainland. Situated in Greece the mother of philosophy and the ancient Greek ideal of supremacy and mental expansion, that put the base of modern education.

The aim of this training is to provide teachers with new strategies and methods of knowledge transfer in and out of the classroom, that the students will be able to apply in their lives. Practical exercises and games for expressing emotions and the importance of learning outside the strict theoretical framework will be presented. All this with respect for cultural differences and the changes 21st century has brought on the surface of human existence.

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6-11 May 2024

Learning outcomes

  • Deep understanding of the values of the European Union and the reason of the established priorities

  • Learning how to teach students to be European citizens

  • Being informed on the latest needs of technological skills

  • Introduction to group dynamics and learning through digital games and challenges

  • Understanding the logic and the philosophy of different types of games

  • Creating a game from scratch as a means of education

  • Using games as a new way to transmit knowledge and adjust a current curriculum, with respect to the EU values


European Priorities: Inclusion, Academic Success, European Identity, Digital Empowerment

  • Introduction to the course and activities

  • Presentation of each school and the teachers/ students

  • Bonding and knowledge games

  • Goal setting for the week

  • Presentation of the inclusion of group dynamics in education

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