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Dance therapy and psychotherapy in schools course

6 Days


This course has been created for teachers who want to have a deeper understanding of what dance expression consists of and how to use movement as a way of expression in indoor and outdoor learning in schools.

There might be a lot of hesitance as to how can someone express a feeling without words or how can he/she dance without actually knowing dance moves. The answers to all these questions are about to be answered in Guimarães (Portugal). In this course, every day is going to be a challenge with new ideas, new activities, group cooperation, sharing of knowledge and most of all fun!

So in this course one of the main goals is create strategies that will help the participants to teach other teachers, the community and children in the school, the best way to express through moving the body, self-regulate their emotions and cultivate their emotional intelligence.

Participants will leave the course full of knowledge on how to make the learning process easier and more interesting based on the factors of mindfulness and artistic expression by the means of dance!

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Price: 480 €


8-13 July 2024

Learning outcomes

  • Deep understanding of the meaning of dance therapy in everyday life and school

  • Learning how to teach students to be closer to their feelings and use non-verbal communication

  • Including dynamic teaching forms and outdoor activities

  • Creating innovative activities and extracurricular exercises with relaxation techniques

  • Understanding the importance of the development of emotional intelligence from a young age

  • Intercultural sharing and enhancing cultural differences in the learning process


Dance therapy and psychotherapy in schools course

  • Introduction of the course, the schools and its participants, and the activities

  • Bonding and knowledge games

  • Goal setting for the week

  • Discussion and sharing experiences about group dynamics, previous knowledge on dance and the present level of the integration of dance in schools as a therapeutic means 

  • Approaches to outdoor education: brainstorming about the upcoming activities

  • Self-discovery on the level of emotional awareness and the ways of expression

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