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The Game In Child And Youth Development-Gamification In Teaching And Outdoor Education-min

The Game In Child And Youth Development - Gamification In Teaching And Outdoor Education

6 Days (30 hours)

Iliana Lazari

The course has been created for teachers who want to learn about the benefits of gamification in teaching and how games, applications and digital tools can be integrated into their courses in the school reality.


The main goal is to help teachers understand that games are not only used for entertainment but also for improving the learning process and the academic abilities of the students.  There will be both theory and practice in order for teachers to have a deeper understanding of the gamification and be more confident to use those practices in their classes. Course participants will be invited to journal their experiences during the course, share knowledge and work into groups with cooperation, fun and respect.


Participants will leave the course with great knowledge of the most efficient ways to use games and digital tools in their courses. They will have the ability to create an educational game by themselves and they will also be given a list of benefits for the school games and learn how they can approach those practices in order to fit their students and have the best learning results.

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Price: 480 €


6-11 November 2023

Learning outcomes

Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Deeply understanding how the games improve the learning process in class

  • Learning how to create educational games

  • Developing innovative practices and exercises for working with students

  • Learning in a more efficient way how to be close to young children and how to make them cooperate better

  • Promoting the fact that the school is not a boring and strict part of life, but also an interesting process

  • Raising awareness about the importance of respect and sensitivity in multicultural differences while working in mixed groups


The Game In Child And Youth Development - Gamification In Teaching And Outdoor Education

  • Introduction of the course and the participants

  • Ice-break group dynamics

  • Setting goals for participants

  • Practice with games and how those games can be used in classroom

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