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Learning Through Theater

6 Days (30 hours)

Letícia Moro

This course proposes theatre as a means to stimulate learning. Teachers interested in participating will learn a variety of practical activities that focus on drama conventions as a way to engage the students in a compelling and challenging way of thinking and doing when faced with problems.

Adopting practices, such as improvisation, body-movement techniques and group work, the course will promote various experiences through which students can explore different responses on problem solving, develop their understanding of the other and the world around and improve their knowledge and skills. Teachers will learn how to apply these practices as a means to promote the students’ feeling of belonging within the school community and stimulate the learning experience through a hands-on approach.


As a participant, you will learn how to use theater, its principles and strengths in educational contexts and foster a creative and engaging learning process for your students!

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Price: 480 €


2-7 October 2023

Learning outcomes

Participants to the course will learn to:

  • Learn the key features and strengths of drama making and how to apply them in educational contexts.

  • Learn practices and games that enhance attention, perception and memory: the understanding of the world around.

  • Learn practices and games suitable for various curriculums.

  • Participate in improvisation.

  • Participate and engage in dramatic experiences.


Learning Through Theater


5 Hours

  • Introduction to the course, the schools, and the external activities.

  • Ice Breaking activities to introduce the trainer and the participants.

  • Assess group compatibility.

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