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European Priorities: Inclusion, Sustainability, Digital Skills

6 Days

Lina (Agathi Naka)

This course has been created for teachers who are aware of the current situation in the European Union (EU) and who would wish to integrate the EU values more into the school life and curriculum. The course will concentrate on the basic European priorities concerning Inclusion, Sustainability and Digital Skills. The basic questions are we European citizens? 


The main questions that summarize this course are based on whether we are actually European citizens, as well as the actions of the EU for its citizens. The answers will be given through a course on the island of Lefkas, one of the largest islands in the Ionian Sea. Lefkas is rich in natural resources as it combines mountain and sea and some of the most famous beaches in the Mediterranean. It is also the only land island in Greece due to the bridge that connects it with the mainland.


The aim of this training is to explore the current living conditions in the European Union through the sharing of teachers' experiences. Then an important role will be to address the issue of inclusion and involvement of all students in education through the creation of new strategies. Participants will leave the training full of new knowledge on practical issues, exercises, games, tools that facilitate learning and improve the quality of the lesson.

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Price: 480 €


6-11 May 2024

Learning outcomes

  • Deep understanding of the values of the European Union and the reason of the established priorities

  • Learning how to teach students to be European citizens and improve the idea of sustainability 

  • Appreciate the small acts of inclusion that cause a huge impact

  • Being informed on the latest needs of technological skills

  • Finding new ways to reduce the technological illiteracy through indoor and outdoor practical exercises

  • Introduction to group dynamics and learning through games and challenges

  • Intercultural sharing and enhancing cultural differences in the learning process


European Priorities: Inclusion, Sustainability, Digital Skills

  • Introduction to the course and activities

  • Presentation of each school and the teachers/ students

  • Bonding and knowledge games

  • Goal setting for the week

  • Presentation of the concept of the European priorities and their impact

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