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The Pedagogical Innovation Centre (PIC) is a centre for exploring and implementing new and effective teaching and learning methods. It brings together educators and subject matter experts to offer training and professional development opportunities for European teachers, particularly Erasmus+ Structured Courses.


As a credible provider of Erasmus+ structured courses, we strive to provide the most relevant and cutting-edge training in a variety of areas that are crucial for 21st century education.

“Congratulations to Marta for the way she welcomed us to the Algarve! The mindfulness moments were relaxing!”

Marta Wojciechowska

“I attended a sustainability course with Neuza. The whale watching was unforgettable… The island of the Azores stayed in my heart.”

Maria Schmidt

"Trainer Alberto is really outside the box and an expert in board games. He loves what he does. I got hooked on this teaching modality.”

Jonas Jankauskas

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Erasmus courses for teachers
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