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AI-Powered Content Creation for Educators

6 Days (30 hours)


Creating digital learning content has become more accessible, with nearly every teacher gaining some experience in the process.


However, the critical question is whether this learning material effectively facilitates students’ comprehension. Understanding the principles of creating multimedia learning content is essential for generating impactful materials that meet the educational needs of your students.


Some educators still rely on text-heavy learning resources, a practice that can be discouraging and fails to accommodate various learning styles.


The transformation of traditional learning material into visually appealing content can be time-consuming, and teachers often lack the necessary time for this endeavor.


Thankfully, AI tools are available to assist in the transformation of text-based resources into visually stunning material, saving time and effort. The key is to apply the rules of Multimedia Learning to enhance the effectiveness of student learning.


Participants in this course will gain insights into the Multimedia Learning methodology, the importance of adhering to specific guidelines in digital content development, and the effective implementation of these rules through creative workshops featuring relevant AI applications

Through the creation of engaging learning content, participants will successfully motivate their students.


Upon completing the course, participants will have mastered their Digital/AI Literacy and creative multimedia skills, possessing a collection of ready-made learning content for use in their classroom.

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Price: 480 €


21-26 July 2025

Learning outcomes

The course will help the participants to:  

  • Understand the rules of Multimedia Learning content creation

  • Develop presentations, images, and audio/video lessons using AI applications;

  • Enhance Gamification skills by effortlessly creating visually appealing gamified activities with AI tools;

  • Familiarize themselves with suitable AI resources, particularly tailored for educators;

  • Build proficiency in a robust set of AI tools;

  • Train effectively in the use of AI applications to reduce daily workload;

  • Elevate creative multimedia skills through hands-on activities with AI applications;

  • Foster collaboration in working groups and exchange best practices with fellow participants.


AI-Powered Content Creation for Educators

Course introduction

  • Overview of the course, the school, and the external week activities;

  • Icebreaker activities;

  • Participants’ school presentations;

  • Sharing course expectations and setting course goals.


Multimedia Learning and AI Introduction

  • Introduction to the Multimedia Learning Methodology guidelines;

  • Discussion on AI tools for Educators.

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